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Windscreen Wipers

It’s officially ‘Winter’ in Perth. Have you check your wiper blades lately? Replacing your wiper blades is an essential task when you own any vehicle and you can do it yourself by following a few simple steps.
David from D & C Auto Glass recommends that you should replace your windscreen wipers at least every two years.

“In Perth, our excessive heat can deteriorate the blades quicker than usual so be sure to check them regularly for signs of wear. One of the huge benefits of checking your wipers is that you don’t end up with a scratched windscreen if the rubber is worn and goes unnoticed. Believe me I’ve seen it happen” said David of D & C Auto Glass. “Huge scratches in the windscreen where people haven’t taken the time to change the blades. It’s an expensive mistake. Most of the time the only fix is a full windscreen replacement” he said.
“If you are not sure what windscreen wipers you need, many of the automotive shops are very helpful but essentially, they just need to be the same size as the current ones on your vehicle and yes, they come in different sizes” said David.

Pull the windscreen wiper arm up and away from the windscreen – the arm itself does not come off, just the rubber blade section. The arm should be straight out with the blade on the end.

windscreen wipers

To remove the old wiper blades, look for the attachment near the centre of the blade, sometimes it’s a small hook and simply lift the blade off. If your wipers are secured with tabs, simply press the two tabs together to release the blade and then you should be able to easily slide them off.

If the old attachment (hook or tab) is still intact, you should be able to remove it from the old blade and re-attach it to the new one. If not, use the new one supplied with the new blades. It should just click into place.
If you are still unsure about the type of blades you have, just ask David when he is changing your windscreen or doing your windscreen repair and he will be more than happy to help.

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If you are in need of a professional windscreen replacement or windscreen repair, call the team at D & C Auto Glass in Perth on 1300 322 886 for an instant quote. We service all of the Perth metropolitan area. David, the owner, has 30 years of hands-on industry experience. Our rapid service will get you back on the road fast. Don’t forget we are fully mobile – that means we come to you at no extra charge!