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There’s nothing more vexing than a damaged windscreen; not only is it unsightly, it also makes it dangerous for you to drive as it can reduce your visibility on the road.

Such unnecessary danger is definitely not needed in your life, so call on the professionals at D&C Auto Glass and we’ll get your cracked or chipped windscreen replaced at a cheap price to get you back on the road safely in no time.

Providing you with cheapest windscreen replacement solutions aren’t all that we can offer you; we also provide premium auto emergency services throughout Perth and the surrounding areas, on all vehicle makes and models, such as Toyota, Ford, Holden and even luxurious European vehicles. That means you can have your windscreen replaced on the same-day and enjoy our fair, competitive pricing and high quality services. Our team can even get it fixed on-site, so you need not have to worry about bringing your car into our workshop.

The Significance of your Windscreen

The windscreen is there to protect the occupants of a vehicle from all sorts of things external of the vehicle but they also have a very important job in supporting the structural integrity of the vehicle.
Modern windscreens are designed to not shatter or break in an accident, reducing the danger of occupants being injured and to assist drivers in staying safe also.
Despite being built tough, however, windscreens can still get cracks and chips from various forms of impact and these do affect the structural integrity of the windscreen.

How do you know if you need to replace or repair your windscreen?

Essentially, anything that impedes the driver’s vision must be repaired.
If your windscreen is sand-blasted, it may be a good idea to get it replaced. You’ll quickly see the difference when driving.
If you have a crack, it may quickly spread so it’s a good idea to change your windscreen, especially during the winter months. By not replacing a cracked windscreen, you are risking damage to your vehicle’s internal computer systems. They are very expensive to repair compared to a simple windscreen replacement! Why risk it?

What do I tell my Mobile Windscreen Technician?

Your mobile windscreen technician will need to know the following information in order to bring the right windscreen or side glass to the job –

  • The year, make and model of your vehicle.
  • Whether your car is equipped with rain sensors, in-built antenna, brake/lane assist or forward-facing cameras.
  • What and where the damage is – location, type and size of crack or chip
  • If the glass you need replaced is a side or quarter glass, which side of the vehicle is it?

How is a Windscreen Replaced?

  • The technician removes the trim around the windscreen.
  • The sealant is cut using an appropriate tool and trim blade.
  • Industrial gloves are used to remove the damaged windscreen.
  • Mounting surface is cleaned and new sealant and primer applied.
  • New windscreen is lowered into place and seated.
  • The perimeter of windscreen is re-trimmed.
  • Temporary adhesive tape is applied whilst sealant cures.

The whole process can take around 60 to 90 minutes. The vehicle cannot be driven for an hour after the install to allow the curing of the urethane.

How much will it cost?

Windscreen repairs can start from as little as $100, whilst replacements can vary from $250 through to $1000. It all depends on the size and type of damage being repaired, or the type of windscreen that’s being replaced.

For instance, the windscreen on a fully optioned European SUV is bound to cost a lot more than the one on a 15-year-old hatchback.

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Can I drive my car straight away?

We recommend you do not drive your vehicle for an hour after installation so that the glue can cure properly. Your car’s vibration during driving especially on rough roads – could misalign the job.
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