leaking windscreens perth girls stuck in the rain
July 09

Leaking Windscreen ?

leaking windscreens perth girls stuck in the rain
Three ladies enjoying a leaking windscreen. D & C Auto Glass will fix it!

A leaking windscreen leads to rust

It’s raining and you have a leaking windscreen. There are streaks down the dashboard. Your carpet smells – wet. You’ve been aware of it or a few weeks, but you can’t work out what or where the problem is. Even your carpet is wet. You had the windshield fixed just six months ago. So you smash open the glovebox. Where’s the warranty for my leaking windscreen? Then it hits you. You went for the cheapest quote. The one without a warranty.

There are reasons why a windshield leaks

A leaking windscreen is most likely the result of a poor installation. This could be the case if you’ve had your back or front windshield replaced recently.

Perth wet weather can end with a leaking windshield

The amount of urethane used to seal the window

Your car window installer may not have primed the area around your windscreen properly.

When a windscreen is replaced, the correct amount of urethane (a polyurethane commonly used in the production of sealants, mattresses, car seats and shoes) needs to be applied. Too much windscreen sealant and you have a mess. Too little and, well, you get a nice naturescape flowing down your front dash. And then there’s the skill of the person. Was it a rush job?

In short, your car windscreen may not be sealed properly and over time – this can lead to an expensive rust problem (read more about rusty car windshields here). Little problems become big problems in time. We all know this (cake and Coke is nice, but not every day).

Signs of a leaking windscreen

Water can travel. Beneath your vehicle’s carpet, there are channels and water can move from the front of you car to the back. Finding a sodden carpet by the back seat doesn’t necessarily mean your side or rear windows are the problem. Just in the last few years, car manufacturers have added padding to vehicles which will smell when it gets wet. The smell is meant to alert you to mould spores or water near the body of your vehicle.

If the leak isn’t fixed, your car can develop mould and ultimately rust.

6 Things to look out for

You need to be a detective. Look for the following signs:

  • strange, mildewy odour
  • streaks down the car interior
  • moisture in your car
  • fogged-up windows
  • rust stains
  • wet carpet

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I have a leaky windscreen

Is there a funny smell in the car? Damp carpets? Fixing the problem may not be as expensive as you think. Fill this in and we can give you an idea of price.

    this black swan in the perth rain is not the cause of your leaky windscreen

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