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Car Window & Windscreen Replacement Cost in Perth

Windscreen Replacements

Save at least $200*

*(as compared to our competitors)

Windscreen Repairs

From $100 - same day service

D & C Auto Glass 25 years No faults No leaks Guarantee

Enjoy affordable and great quality windscreen replacement with D&C Auto Glass

You'll no longer have to spend a fortune of your hard earned money fixing your car's damaged window or windscreen, because D&C Auto Glass offers drivers in Perth glass replacements at affordable costs. Despite our fair and competitive prices, you can be confident that our emphasis on quality is not compromised!

Our passion for excellence has allowed us to provide clients with premium auto-emergency services and same day windscreen replacements in Perth. We also offer a free mobile service so you can have your windscreen replaced or repaired at a location of your choice – all this and more at wallet-friendly cost!

To find out more about our competitive front or rear windscreen replacement cost, call D & C Auto Glass today on 0405 388 595. We can provide a comprehensive quote for your needs, and we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised with our costs!

Windscreen replacement

Replacing a broken windscreen can appear to be a simple task and so there have been many windscreen repair businesses springing up throughout Perth over the past few years.

In conjunction with this, many cheaper car parts are able to be purchased online and from overseas countries such as China.
However, there are issues when purchasing overseas or online that you should be aware of. 
Firstly, the windscreen of your car forms part of the total body structure of your vehicle. It is designed to aid in the strength of the roof so that in a rollover it needs to be made of the right materials and of the right strength to aid in your protection.

Windscreen replacement

Unfortunately, it has been our experience to find that there are windscreens being imported from overseas that meet only the barest minimums of Australian standards. Coupled with this we have found they have been put in by people who have taken shortcuts or just haven’t done the job properly.

Windscreen installation and repair is all we do, and we have been doing it for a long time and doing it well.
Make sure your next windscreen replacement is done by an expert windscreen fitter using a quality product.
You and your passenger's lives depend on it.

If you wish to have your windscreen repaired or replaced then call us on 0405 388 595

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