March 03

What You Should Know About Driver Assist Systems


Why you should Know about “Driver Assist Systems” and “Calibrations”.

68% of drivers don’t know what a calibration is or that their vehicle needs one after an accident or a windscreen replacement.

“There are well over 2 million vehicles on Perth roads and of those, the vehicles bought out in the last 10 years have ADAS and that number just keeps growing.”

The driver assist systems were initially only put into high end vehicles but now, all entry model vehicles will carry this technology and much more to assist drivers driving more safely.

30% of technicians or estimators are not aware of the need to check ADAS systems after accidents, windscreen replacements and sometimes even in the case of changing tyres.

Motor insurers now have to take all this technology into account when insuring vehicles.

A windscreen is no longer just a piece of glass … vehicles manufacturers do not make glass like windscreens to come out one day and so it is a very specialised are of expertise to do this and replace all the technology.

Luckily, if we are your technician, we know how to do the job once and get it right the first time. We’ve been doing it for 30+ years and you learn a thing or two in that time !