June 16

How To Keep A Windscreen Scratch Free?

Many people fixate on the often more obvious windscreen damage like cracks and chips while ignoring the other arguably less noticeable damage like scratches. Sure, one is a lot harder to miss than the other and appears to pose an immediate danger. However, unknown to many people, scratches can be just as dangerous if you ignore them for too long, especially since it affects your visibility. Fortunately, it is easier to keep your windscreen scratch-free than it is to prevent cracks and chips. All it needs is some essential maintenance.

Always Have Enough Wiper Fluid 

The best and easiest way to prevent scratches or keep them from becoming worse is never to let your wipers run dry. Wipers are meant to keep your windscreen clear when it’s raining, but many of us also run the wipers to clear dirt off the windscreen. Things like bird droppings, mud, and dust are all easy to clean by running the wiper, especially when driving. While there is nothing wrong with using the wipers, just make sure that you have enough wiper fluid since that helps protect the wiper blades and minimizes the risk of damage to the windscreen caused by girt being moved across it.

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Replace the Wiper Blades Regularly 

Wiper blades are primarily made from rubber and will degrade over time. The time it takes for the blades to degrade will vary depending on various factors like the environment, how frequently you use them and their quality. Also, unless you closely inspect the wiper blades every few weeks for wear and tear, you will not notice them wear until there is a rainstorm, and they are unable to keep the windscreen clear. Worn wiper blades can increase the risk of the wipers scratching the windscreen as the exposed metal parts make contact with the glass. Generally, wiper blades are best replaced every six months on a daily driver.

Choose the Right Cleaning Materials 

You shouldn’t use household cleaning materials on the windscreen since the chemicals (usually ammonia) can end up damaging the glass. Use a high-quality microfibre or lint-free cloth. Also, avoid using the same cloth you have already used for the rest of the vehicle. If you take the car for a wash, pay close attention to how they clean the windscreen of other cars before booking your car to get it washed.

Where You Park Is Important

Ideally, your car should be parked in a covered parking spot if available. Also, try not to park your car even temporarily near a construction site or even under a tree. If you can’t find covered parking, then a tree will offer shade, but you will end up having to clean twigs, leaves and bird droppings and cleaning these off results in micro scratches. A construction site is often dusty and dirty, which means that all the dust and dirt can get onto your car, scratching the windscreen and the paint if not properly cleaned off.

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