October 26

Is Getting Windscreen Cover Worth It

Is Getting Windscreen Cover Worth It?

Many car insurance providers offer free windscreen repairs to their clients, but you shouldn’t assume that the policy will include a full windscreen cover. What that means is if your windscreen is damaged beyond repair, will the policy cover replacing it for free or, depending on your policy, get a replacement by paying the excess. While windscreen cover to many Australians may come across as an extra expense, it is always handy to have. So, the question is: is it worth it? Depending on your vehicle, a windscreen replacement can cost anywhere from $300 to $3000.

Why Is Windscreen Replacement Expensive?

The cost of windscreen replacement varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle. However, the cost of your windscreen will depend on many variables in addition to the make and model, like features such as rain sensors, ADAS sensors, speed zone recognition, etc. So, generally, the less technology the windscreen has packed into it, it is going to be cheaper than ones with many features when it comes time to replace it. Sometimes it might not be possible to replace the windscreen with a cheaper, perhaps featureless one, of the same size. That’s where having windscreen cover matters.

Can Windscreen Cover Be Added To An Existing Policy?

It mainly depends on your insurance company and the policy that was taken out. You may probably already have insurance covering your windscreen replacement. Read the fine print in the policy or contact the insurer to find out if windscreen replacement is covered. Compulsory third-party and third-party property insurance will not cover your windscreen. Only comprehensive cover, and third-party fire and theft may cover a couple of aspects regarding your windscreen. Regardless, you always want to make sure that the policy has the right type of cover, and if it does not include windscreen replacement, it can be added to the existing policy.

Should A Windscreen Be Repaired or Replaced?

At D & C Auto Glass in Perth, WA, we get this question a lot from people who dread getting their windscreen replaced. However, before you stress yourself over it, a crack or chip in the windscreen may not require that the entire windscreen be replaced. Repairing is usually cheaper than a complete replacement for most vehicles, costing $120.

If the crack or chip in the windscreen is larger than 2cm or in the driver’s field of view, maybe close to the edge of the windscreen, or it is deep in the glass, then a replacement is inevitable. If you have comprehensive cover and third-party fire and theft insurance, the policy will probably cover the cost associated with windscreen repair.

If there was an accident that damaged your windscreen, it is best to get the work done by a professional windscreen repair company like ours. At D & C Auto Glass, we make sure that the job is done right. We will assess the damage and also help submit an insurance claim if needed.

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