July 19

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Roadworthy Inspection

Roadworthy inspections are typically required when registering a previously unregistered vehicle, preparing to sell a vehicle or transferring ownership of a vehicle to another person.

The overall condition and dependability of the vehicle and its components are not given much weight in the inspection. Rather, it examines key components that contribute to road safety to ensure they are in good working order and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

You have 14 days to correct any issues if your car fails the inspection to avoid having to pay the inspection charge again. You should be able to avoid paying the inspection cost more than once if you prepare your automobile for a roadworthy inspection while completing repairs at your own pace.

A comprehensive auto glass check is one of the main components of the visit when you take your vehicle for a safety inspection. D&C Auto Glass is dedicated to getting Perth drivers back on the road with our prompt and efficient service.

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Important Vehicle Components to Examine

The main things to look out for are:

All of the tyres

Ensure that all of the tyres are in good condition. This means they should have a tread depth of at least 1.5mm and be free of cracks and wear.

You should also have the tyre pressures checked right before the inspection, and make sure that all of the valve caps are securely fastened. The spare is easy to overlook, but it will be checked as well. It is critical to remember that the spare should be properly mounted and secured as needed.

Brake system condition

When it comes to vehicle brakes, you can easily check the following:

  • When you brake, the steering wheel does not shake.
  • The handbrake holds the vehicle in place when engaged at an upward angle.

It is more challenging to diagnose the state of the brake pads and rotors and the existence of brake pedal pulsation if you are inexperienced. To have these checked for you, hire a professional.

Vehicle Suspension

Request that a professional inspect the suspension as well as specific aspects of the vehicle’s braking system. Things they should look into (or you, if you know) are:

  • Tie rod ends, springs, and ball joints.
  • Shock absorption.
  • Suspended bushes.

Inspect all suspension components for signs of wear and tear.

Vehicle Steering

Hydraulic fluid is used in power steering to transfer power throughout the steering system. It does not require as frequent replacement as windshield wiper fluid. However, before performing a roadworthy inspection, make sure the levels are still adequate and that there are no leaks.

Windshield & Windshield Wipers

Safety needs to have a clear view of the road, so keep an eye on your windscreen. All windscreen damage, including scratches, chips, and cracks, must be removed from the windscreen.

Stickers should be removed from the windscreen regardless of size or location. If any of the vehicle’s windows have been tinted, the level of tint must meet state standards.

Finally, make sure the windshield wipers and blades are in good working order and the washer fluid is full. Instant Windscreens can help you with the inspection and repair of any damage. If you don’t have time to bring your vehicle in, our mobile windscreen repair and replacement service will come to you.

Every Light on The Vehicle

Headlights are important, but they aren’t the only lights on the vehicle that need to be in good working order and free of damage. All lights, including brake lights, indicators, and license plate lights, are tested. The covers must be clean, and the lenses must not be faded. All components must be free of cracks.

Other safety features that will be scrutinized include seats, seatbelts, and airbags. You can save time by preparing your vehicle for a roadworthy inspection and repairing as many faulty items as possible before the inspection. When it comes to windscreen damage, having it professionally repaired will prevent you from failing the inspection due to a faulty repair.

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