How To Claim Car Windscreen Damage Through Your Insurance?

Windscreen damage can be a source of frustration for just about any car owner. What is more frustrating is that most car insurance types do not cover windscreen damage or even car window damage. Unfortunately, most motorists only find out once they claim, only to be told that the policy does not cover it.

Generally, if you have comprehensive insurance, it should cover windscreen damage. If you’re shopping around for insurance, make sure that the policy you buy includes windscreen and car window damage, as these are some of the most common types of vehicle damage in Australia. It goes without saying that even something as minor as a crack or chip in the windscreen can be costly to repair if you don’t have coverage. You shouldn’t leave a crack or chip in the windscreen untreated because it can often lead to major issues, which may require getting the entire windscreen replaced.

Getting a Windscreen Repaired If You’re Covered

If you have motor insurance covering window glass damage, getting it fixed is only a matter of hiring a company to do it for you. Many windscreen repair companies are available 24/7 and have a mobile service equipped to repair most types of damage at your doorstep. So, they can drive on over to your location and fix the windscreen in no time. Also, it isn’t going to cost much or anything if the insurance policy covers the repairs.

Every insurance company has a slightly different policy, and you should choose one that best suits your needs. While all insurers may offer what’s called “comprehensive cover,” but their terms may differ, and the conditions under which they will cover repair, especially to the windscreen, will also differ.

Some insurance companies in Australia will offer free windscreen repair, if there are dents or chips, as part of their comprehensive cover. However, they may not cover free windscreen replacement. That said, it is always a good idea to speak with your insurance service provider to find out how windscreen damage is covered under the policy.


Insurance companies like RAC take a slightly different approach when a motorist makes a claim online or calls them up for windscreen repair. The company has a list of approved glaziers who carry out repairs, which means you can’t just choose any specialist in your area. The glaziers who have partnered with RAC will examine the windscreen to see if it is repairable, and the claim will be processed without a hitch. However, if the damage is extensive and merits replacing the windscreen, the company will require that you pay for the excess amount, which could be around a hundred dollars.

Depending on the standard excesses, it might not always be financially lucrative to lodge a claim for repair, especially if it is just a minor chip on the windscreen. Make sure to always read the fine print before committing to a motor insurance policy. Pay special attention to all the inclusions and exclusions to ensure that you’re comfortable with them.

Not all comprehensive motor insurance policies will include windscreen cover by default. That’s why you’ll want to check if there are any extras and know the costs associated with them to ensure you’re getting the right policy.

How to Lodge a Claim on a Damaged Windscreen?

It would help if you started with understanding the nature of the damage before contacting the motor insurance company. For instance, make notes about where the incident happened, how it happened, and if needed, take photographs. If you suspect criminal activity, report it to the police, and they should give you a case number that can be mentioned in your claim.

You then follow the steps below to lodge a claim:

  • When you contact the insurance company and express your need to lodge a claim, they might appoint an assessor to your case. The assessor inspects the damage, or they will direct an authorised provider to repair the damage.
  • Also, depending on the insurance company’s policy, it’s possible to bypass lodging a claim, go directly to a windscreen repair service provider, and give them your policy number.
  • After the insurance company has cleared your claim for repairs, you can book the vehicle for repairs or call a mobile service to your home or office.


Claiming windscreen damage, for the most part, isn’t all that difficult. However, the first step is to ensure that the insurer covers damage to the windscreen and to what extent. Once you know that, proceeding with getting your windscreen repaired is a whole lot easier, faster, and hopefully cheaper than footing the bill out of your own pocket.