January 06

How Perth’s Hot Temperatures Can Stress Windscreens


Our 38 and 40 degree weather this week can be great for barbecues and pool parties but it can be hard on your windscreen. Your windscreen is more likely to crack—and cracks are more likely to spread—when the temperature changes.
Temperature changes cause glass to expand and contract, which can make your windscreen a bit more fragile. Likewise, many of us are on the road more in the summer as we travel on vacations, to visit family or just make runs to the local shop or beach.

Temperature swings can put extra stress on the windshield and make it more prone to breaks. Likewise, if the glass cools too quickly, this also can cause stress on the windscreen. Also beware of washing your car glass in the heat of the day. We’ve seen many owners with cracks in their glass just because they used the hose on the glass in the middle of the day. We would recommend making sure you have shade when washing your vehicle on a hot day say a tree, awning or garage.

At D & C Auto Glass, we also recommend that you take your time in cooling your vehicle’s interior (and therefore the glass) so that cracks are less likely to expand. This might mean turning on your air conditioner to low at first, instead of going full-steam at once when you turn on your car.