April 27

Here’s Why Your Windshield Crack Is Growing

You can only do so much as a vehicle owner to prevent windscreen cracks and chips. When your windshield is damaged by small pebbles, hailstones, or debris, having a plan of action might help you stay calm and save your windshield.

While windscreen cracks will always need to be repaired, it’s crucial to first determine the type and severity of the damage to put your mind at ease before deciding what to do next.

We always advise our clients to not put off taking care of the chips and cracks on their vehicle’s windscreens for too long. Ignoring your windscreen damage will only make the situation worse as it spreads. The sooner you act, the better your chances of getting it fixed quickly rather than having to pay for a full replacement.

Windscreen chips and cracks are more than simply an irritation; they can be quite dangerous. They might not only distract the driver while driving, but they also compromise the overall safety of the car.

Windscreen cracks and chips can spread and expand due to a variety of factors. And not all of them are avoidable. Don’t put yourself or your loved ones at risk by continuing to drive with a cracked or chipped window screen.

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Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why your windscreen crack is getting worse, as well as the potential risks they pose.

Moisture Is Seeping Through

Rain, snow, frost, heavy morning dew, and even a simple car wash can all cause moisture to enter your windscreen cracks and chips. This water expands as it warms or freezes, depending on the weather conditions. This might put more pressure on the windscreen cracks, causing them to widen.

This can not only make the windscreen weaker, but it can also degrade it to the point where it can no longer be repaired. Regulations in Australia specify the size and placement of chips and cracks that can be safely fixed. Repairs are not permitted once the damage has grown to a certain extent or has intruded into the critical visual area (CVA).

Prolonged Exposure to the Sun

Although sunlight may increase the danger of windscreen cracks, this does not mean you must drive in the shade or only at night. During the day, though, you need to be cautious about where you park your vehicle.

Direct sunlight heats the glass, which, like hot water, causes it to expand, placing stress on the damaged areas. Chips can form snaking fissures to the side, and existing cracks can grow unexpectedly.

Temperature Fluctuations

Many motorists are unaware that operating the heating fan or air conditioner can exacerbate existing windscreen damage. Both can create a drastic fluctuation in temperature depending on the weather. The glass contracts in cold weather, but warm air from the vehicle heater causes it to expand again.

When utilizing the air conditioner in hot weather, the opposite is true. This, like direct sun exposure, puts additional strain on existing damage.

Strong Vibrations

Whether you’re driving on a smooth surface or an unfinished road, any vehicle’s entire body will be affected by vibrations over time. Vehicle shocks, such as those caused by speed humps, rumble bars, and unexpected potholes, can cause visible crack changes.

Less visible shocks, such as slamming car doors, can induce more subtle changes that aren’t immediately noticeable. In either case, unmanaged cracks and chips will continue to grow, and it may be too late to get them repaired by the time you detect them.

Debris and Stones on the Road

If a piece of rock, stone, or other significant pieces of debris collides with your windscreen, it might do serious damage. Other types of damage, such as much smaller particles, may not be seen to the naked eye while driving.

They may appear to be unlikely to cause cracks and chips to expand, but they can become embedded in even the tiniest gaps in the windscreen glass. You might think they’re unlikely to cause cracks and chips to expand, but they can become embedded in even the smallest breaks in the windscreen glass.

Unfortunately, the safe repair of any windscreen damage is contingent on the windscreen being completely clean. As a result, if there is any dirt or debris trapped within the cracks, it may prevent the resin used to repair chips and cracks from spreading completely.

In some instances, there may be chip or crack damage that simply cannot be fixed no matter how fast you take your vehicle in for repair. As previously noted, the size, depth, and location all influence whether or not a windscreen repair is possible.

However, it is still preferable to have the damage professionally assessed as soon as possible. All DC Auto Glass locations are equipped to perform high-quality windscreen repairs. If the damage is too severe, we’ll provide you with an instant quote for replacing your windscreen. We serve the Perth, Western Australia areas.

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