December 21

Everything You Wanted to Know About Stress Cracks on Your Windscreen


Your car’s windscreen can develop what’s called stress cracks. Almost every vehicle owner is going to encounter this issue at some point in time. In the majority of cases, a car owner will return to their vehicle and see a crack on their windscreen with no explanation.

The assumption is that something might have triggered it. In this article, we will attempt to educate you about stress cracks, so the next time you encounter one, you will know how to identify and act.

How to Identify a Stress Crack?


We will start by identifying if the damage to your windscreen was caused by stress. Please take a look at the crack and where your car is parked to figure out what might have caused it. If your vehicle, for instance, is parked in a closed garage, the chances of something cracking the windscreen are slim, which means that it is most likely a stress crack.

A professional certified repair and replacement expert in Perth may also be able to help identify if the crack was caused by stress.


The Most Common Locations for a Stress Crack


Stress cracks typically appear at the edge of the windscreen. However, depending on the nature of the crack, they can become enlarged and end up causing more damage which then requires a complete windscreen replacement.

What Leads to a Stress Crack on the windscreen?


Stress cracks are caused by varying or fluctuating temperature or vibrations, usually if the vehicle is driven on bad roads. Over several months or years, these factors will weaken certain parts of the windscreen. Once those parts are weak enough, the slightest amount of pressure eventually fractures or cracks the windscreen.

We’ve also seen stress cracks develop due to structural defects in the windscreen, which could be caused by incorrect installation or some residual stress on the edges. The cracks can also be caused by the varying heating and cooling processes on the windscreen. In some cases, the windscreen can develop stress cracks if the roof, airbags and dashboard aren’t in good condition.

What Should You?


The best thing to do is to take your vehicle to a professional. While the crack may appear to be tiny or negligible, it can still interfere with your vision. Plus, the longer you wait, the more the damage can spread.

What Does Repairing a Stress Crack Cost?


What you pay for repairing or replacing the windscreen will depend on the nature of the crack. If it is affecting the driver’s vision, we’d recommend you replace the entire windscreen. However, it is possible to repair a minor crack that does not affect the driver’s view so as long as it is taken to a professional early on. Contact us today to get a free quote for this service.

How to Prevent Stress Cracks from Forming


You will want to avoid exposing the windscreen to extreme temperature fluctuations. Don’t wash the glass with cold water if it has been sitting in the sun for a long time.

If you are driving on a rough road, make sure that you drive slowly. If the windscreen develops a crack or chip, it should be examined by a professional right away before it becomes any larger. Finally, make sure to get your vehicle serviced by a reputed windscreen replacement centre in Perth.