December 23

Driving Safely During the Festive Season



This time of year is one of the most high risk times on Perth roads with many people hitting the road to attend Christmas parties, end of year celebrations and heading north or south of Perth for a well-deserved break.

Drivers must remember that travelling during holiday periods can be more risky than usual because of increased traffic volumes, congestion, tiredness, people driving in unfamiliar environments and a higher number of people who may be driving under the influence of alcohol.

Before you, your family and friends get behind the wheel this festive season, make sure you are ready and able to drive. As Christmas is often a time for travel, particularly long distances to reach family and friends, we have highlighted a few tips for safe driving this festive season:


  • Plan ahead and be flexible.
  • Drive to the conditions.
  • Be aware of fatigue.
  • Identify the safest route not the fastest.
  • Check your trailers, caravans or campers before your journey.
  • Be patient. Buckle up and remember, you are sharing the road.


Don’t forget the Christmas spirit … While you are sitting in congestion, remember that everyone else is trying to get to their holiday destination too.

Lastly, if the unthinkable happens and you require any car glass replacements during your travels, call us on 1300 322 886 and we can get that sorted for you. We can also go through your insurer or insurance broker.

Each and every one of us are responsible for keeping our roads safe. A very happy Christmas to you from the team at D & C Auto Glass.


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