December 21

Does a Chipped Windscreen Fail an RWC ?

Does a Chipped Windscreen Fail an RWC?

Nobody likes seeing a chip in their windscreen, and it is something you can’t neglect not only for aesthetic reasons but also because it can lead to numerous issues. Your windscreen may suffer from a myriad of chips and cracks during the course of owning a vehicle, but it requires your urgent attention. If left unattended, cracks and chips can worsen and merit replacing the windscreen. Furthermore, a chipped windscreen can also fail an RWC. So, the best way to ensure that your roadworthy certificate isn’t jeopardised or ends up being denied is to get it fixed right away.

Why Is An RWC Important?

The RWC, also referred to as a roadworthy certificate, proves that your car has been fully inspected and found to be roadworthy. The test entails having an authorized inspector examine various aspects of your vehicle, ensuring that it is safe to drive.

The inspector will usually check the following:

  • Tyres and wheels
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Steering
  • Vehicle body, chassis, and its structure
  • Engine

The inspector will determine whether the tyres are in good condition by checking the tread. In addition, the brake shoes are also checked. The body is also examined to ensure it is rust-free. However, the most important inspection is that of the windscreen for damage. If something is wrong with the vehicle, it will fail the test, and your roadworthy certificate request will be declined.

What Size Chip Will Affect Your Prospect Of Getting A RWC?

Not all windscreen damage is equal and affects your chances of getting a roadworthy certificate. However, any damage that falls into the so-called primary vision area will render your vehicle ineligible for a new RWC. That said, some damage is acceptable, but it will need to be fixed immediately. The majority of windscreens are laminated, consisting of two layers; any damage that has penetrated through both the layers will end up with your RWC application being rejected.

A few other types of windscreen damage which can end up rendering your car unroadworthy include:

  • Star cracks and bullseyes that happen to be larger than 16mm
  • Cracks or damage on the edge of the windscreen that’s longer than 75mm
  • Cracks that are larger than 150mm

What Will Happen If Your Vehicle Fails An RWC?

Failing the assessment can cause a bit of hassle. You will need to pay an additional inspection fee and then make the necessary repairs to the windscreen in addition to fixing other problem areas spotted within 14 days. You will need to take your vehicle back for the same inspection. If you take longer than 14 days to get the problem areas fixed, the inspection fee has to be paid again.

At DC Auto Glass in Perth, WA, we will inspect and fix any cracks or chips on your windscreen. Our team of professionals will fix it so that your RWC certificate request isn’t turned down because of damage to the windscreen. Call us today to book an instant appointment and prevent those cracks from becoming any worse.