January 26

Can You Legally Drive With A Cracked Windscreen?

Can You Legally Drive With A Cracked Windscreen?

As it turns out, a cracked windscreen can be much more than a mere inconvenience since it isn’t just going to obstruct your view but could mean that your vehicle fails the roadworthy assessment for being unsafe. Then it would help if you also considered the legal aspect. Regardless of legality, it isn’t a good idea to continue driving your vehicle with a cracked windscreen. Even a tiny crack can spread quite quickly under stress. The more damage to your windscreen, the higher the likelihood that you need to get the entire windscreen replaced and the possibility of getting into trouble with the law if you don’t.

Is Driving With A Crack Legal?

During most routine stops, the police check your license and look at your vehicle. Worst case scenario, you may receive a fine for something that’s out of the ordinary. While driving with a cracked windscreen isn’t legal (entirely), it is categorised as a traffic offence. That means you’re not going to go to jail, but it is still considered a serious enough matter for a fine. You should get that crack attended to right away before getting stopped a second time and fined for the same issue. Better yet, don’t wait till you get fined and the crack becomes worse; get it fixed right away while still tiny.

What Damage To Worry About?

Generally, if the damage to the windscreen is minimal, there isn’t much for you to worry about in terms of a fine. But if the crack is in your field of vision, it becomes fine-worthy. If the vehicle is deemed unroadworthy, it may be towed and impounded. Furthermore, you could be subject to a fine of between $116 and $464 and receive three demerit points depending on the extent of the damage. So, how much damage should you be concerned about?

Check The Crack

We wouldn’t advise anyone to drive around with a cracked windscreen primarily because it becomes progressively worse. A small crack left unattended can become a significant problem and may warrant the attention of the local police.

You will be fined if:

  • The damaged area covers more than 16mm in diameter
  • The crack is deeper than the initial layer of the windscreen’s glass
  • The crack on the edge of the windscreen is 75mm long
  • The damage impairs your vision


In general, Australian traffic laws and vehicle laws are strict when it comes to damaged windscreens. Cracks can compromise the integrity of the windscreen, making them less safe, and can affect how and why the airbag is deployed.

It is always good to get the crack fixed before you are fined. If you have a cracked windscreen, get in touch with DC Auto Glass today to get it repaired (if possible), or we will replace the entire windscreen. We can also have our representative visit you or visit us to get the problem addressed.