WA Day
June 03

Are you planning to go away this WA Day long weekend?

Plan to fix that windscreen or our boys in blue will be waiting for you the minute you hit the outskirts of Perth!

In WA, it’s illegal to drive with a cracked windscreen.  Western Australia adheres to the standards set by the National Road Transport Commission’s Roadworthiness Guidelines.

You can be pulled over and fined, or at least given a notice to repair the damage, if you’re caught driving a vehicle with this level of damage.

You may be requested to have the car assessed for roadworthiness. It’s then at the discretion of the tester whether the car passes. You might have fine damage from sand or rocks, for example, that obscures vision or refracts like in a way that makes certain driving conditions more dangerous than normal.

Why would you risk this?  The assessor is free to pick up any other issues too that are not roadworthy and you will be made to have those issues fixed before the vehicle can be let back on the road.  Don’t risk it.

WA Day

Should You Drive a Car with a Damaged Windscreen?  The simple answer is, No.

Even if your damage hasn’t reached the legal limits for unroadworthiness, it’s really just a matter of time before it does. Every bump or jolt your car experiences during a trip makes it more vulnerable and will put stress on the existing damage. Over time, it will only get worse.

Why wouldn’t you want a new glass to see through for your road trip?  Have a look at your insurance policy.  We can do it today.  Ask us how.