adas advanced driver assistance system
May 27

ADAS Technology for Windscreens

adas advanced driver assist systemDid you know your car windscreen is indispensable to the safety of your vehicle?  A strong, and durable windscreen could save your life in the event of a serious accident?  A damaged windscreen, which is in need of a replacement, could result in your car’s structural integrity being compromised by nearly 50% and lead to injury?

The sturdiness of your windscreen contributes significantly to the overall strength of your vehicle – so substantially in fact, that studies have proven that up to almost 50% of your vehicle’s structural integrity is provided by your windscreen alone!  So why are putting off replacing your windscreen?  Or why would you choose someone from Gumtree to replace it who does it as a job on the side?

In addition to this, car windscreens have gone through a remarkable insurgence in the past decade. It isn’t just a piece of glass to see through anymore, or something that only protects you from the elements. It is also the place for ever increasing technology.

Today’s new car comes with a range of so-called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS, such as cameras mounted on the windscreen for assistance in reversing, to warn drivers of lane departures, a heads-up display system and emergency braking systems.

adas technology advanced driver assist system

It also means that there are also big changes in technology required to remove and replace new windscreens when they are damaged.   Even the adhesives we use to bond the windscreen have a lot more variations today.   Technicians need specialised tools and systems to calibrate the on-board technology that are now crucial to ensure the cameras are aligned and do the job they were designed to do.

In the near future, we can only see more hardware and software attached and projected onto our windscreens to assist in driver safety.

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