tools on a table

10 Essential Automotive Tools To Keep in Your Vehicle

tools on a table

It happens to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to ensure that your vehicle gets the treatment it needs because it is in the hands of seasoned professionals. However, there may be times when you can’t visit a mechanic’s workshop. It could either be because they don’t have the time or because your car won’t start, which means that you need to work on it at home.

In this article, we’ll go over a couple of essential tools a vehicle owner will need to complete a few simple tasks on their vehicle.

Always Have a Fire Extinguisher Around

When it comes to working on a vehicle in an enclosed space, especially with petrol in the tank and a fully charged battery, a lot can go wrong. That’s why it is advised that you have a fire extinguisher around.

Have a set of spanners, wrench, pliers, HEX key, and screwdrivers handy

Many of thee tools are not only used on vehicles but are also used around the house. However, having them will make working on your vehicle easier.

Jack and Axle Stands

You should always have axle stands and a jack to hoist the vehicle off the ground and hold it there long enough so that you can work on it. Many if not all cars have factory-recommended slots, which makes placing axle stands easier.

Drip Tray, Oil Pan, and Funnel

If you are going to change your vehicle’s oil, you need to have a drip tray and a funnel to avoid spills. Oil spills are pretty difficult to clean up, which is why you’d want to avoid it.

Wheel Chocks

While they may at first seem unnecessary but they are important for your safety. When your car is above the ground, you need to use the chocks to stop the car from rolling backward or even forwards.

A Trolley Jack

A trolley jack makes it very easy to raise the vehicle in order to make working under it easier. However, find a jack that’s suited to the size and weight of your vehicle. Make sure to place the jack under the jack point of the car to lift it safely.

Wheel and Lug Wrench

Everyone will encounter a flat tire at least a couple of times during their time of owning a vehicle. It is a common issue, but it is relatively easy to fix with a wheel wrench and a jack.

A Torch

A torch makes it possible to fix your vehicle in the dark. A work light or a regular flashlight that’s bright enough to illuminate what you are working on will make your life easier.

Jumper Cables

When you’re in a sticky situation where the battery is dead, jumper cables can bail you out. They are available in various sizes and strengths, so you might want to check the capacity of the cable before buying one.

An Oil Filter Wrench

Using an oil filter wrench makes removing often stubborn oil filters quicker and easier. We wouldn’t recommend changing the filter without it.

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