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We like to ensure that all of our customers have peace of mind when dealing with D&C Auto Glass

Therefore we would like you to know that during the COVID-19 crisis we are working at 100% full capacity with no drop in quality of service from our friendly team. 

  • None of our staff have been overseas in the last 12 months 
  • We have social distancing in place to minimise any risk to you 
  • We ensure best hygiene practices are being followed at all times
  • Our service is minimum risk as we repair and replace your glass outdoors 

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Side Glass Replacement

If you side window is damaged, Dave at D & C Auto Glass, can replace the glass within 40 minutes with glass sourced from our local and overseas suppliers.  David from D & C Auto Glass recommends changing your side window when you see the damage. 

Even side windows add to the cars overall integrity in protecting its occupants, including maintaining the vehicle's appearance and resale value.

It needs to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to other parts of the panel including the window mechanism.  It’s also a safety and security concern especially coming up to Christmas where your smashed window leaves your vehicle and your belongings vulnerable to theft and/or weather damage.  Once the job is done, you can get on with your day.


So, what is involved in changing your side glass?

  1. We have our own onboard power so we will vacuum and remove any shattered glass from your vehicle.
  2. We will fit your new window ensuring that the mechanism works properly to open and close your window.
  3. We will then replace the interior door panels so it’s back to new.

If you need any other windscreen replacements or windscreen repairs, those can be done at the same time as we are there. 

Give David a call on 0405 388 595 to book your job in so we can pick up your glass or contact us through our online contact form on this page.  You can even chat with us through our Facebook page at

It's not just about keeping the car looking good but protecting it's occupants.

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